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Can I exclude myself from wc coverage?

Deciding who is included or excluded from workers’ compensation coverage varies state by state.   Before deciding whether or not to include or exclude yourself, you need to consider a few important factors aside from just the premium savings.

Accidents happen.
Accidents happen.
  1. Does my health policy exclude coverage for work related injuries?
  2. What is my risk of injury and the associated premiums for coverage?
  3. Is there a minimum and maximum payroll allocation for officers and workers compensation coverage?  What are those figures?
  4. Does an injury I voluntarily excluded coverage for jeapardize medicare or medicade benefits in the future?

In Maryland,

Workers compensation is  compulsory for corporate officers, who are considered employees of the corporate entity. However, officers of a Maryland Close Corporation, a Professional Corporation, a Farm Corporation or a member of a Limited Liability Company with at least 20% ownership in profits may elect coverage exclusion. Partners and Sole Proprietors are exempt from workers compensation coverage but both Partners and Sole Proprietors may elect coverage.