New Experience MOD changes in effect for Maryland

Marylanders with effective dates of January and February are receiving their new experience MOD’s.  Have you seen a big jump or drop in your rating based on your history?

Share your results!

So far I’ve seen a mixed bag.  Some mod sheets have remained unchanged, others have seen a significant increase.  The biggest surprise I think for some is the retroactive date of the increased split point for all years, not just the most recent year on the MOD sheet.

What does that mean?

If the last year of data on your experience MOD was Jan. 1, 2009 to Jan 1, 2010 and you had three claims that year that were:




On your 2012 EMR, each of those claims the primary split point was set at $5,000.  Under the changes, the split point for all three of those claims is now $10,000.  This will have a significant impact on your EMR.

If it’s not making sense, give your agent a call.  If you’re still not clear, send an email or give me a call. Good luck!


2 thoughts on “New Experience MOD changes in effect for Maryland”

  1. Our MOD went up this year without any changes in losses??? I went through your reading your MOD sheet and ran through the losses, they were all closed. What gives?

    1. James,

      A few things you’ll want to check.
      1. What was the payroll or exposure for the year that came off of the rating versus the year you replaced it with? Is there more or less exposure on this years MOD than the previous?
      2. The claims that were closed. Were any of them over $5,000 each? If so, recall that the split point changed in several states this year.

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