I need a new Insurance Agent/Agency that understands Work Comp.  Who do I talk to?

We have agency and carrier affiliations across the country.  Give us a call and we can identify your priorities and needs and find an agent with the capabilities you’re looking for.

What if I Don’t Want to Leave or Change Brokers?

No problem!  We understand there some relationships that can’t be disrupted for one reason or another.  It’s not our business model to disrupt a good business or personal relationship.  We can work on an independent consultation basis without changing brokers or carriers.

Can’t I Just Pay Claims out of Pocket?

This is a common question that often comes up during our seminars on the Experience MOD.  Failure to report a claim is a felony in some states and most states have strict rules regarding the failure to report claims to the Work Comp Commission in your area.  Before taking on such risk, you must know all the risks and dangers such actions could mean to you or your business.

If I found my MOD is wrong, how do I fix it?

You have a few options here.  You can go to your current agent for assistance, talk to your carrier, or give us a call!

I keep getting  revised MOD’s.  Is the carrier trying to raise my premium?

There are rules that dictate how and when a MOD can be adjusted.  Talk to your agent or carrier to find out what information changed causing the revision.

I didn’t receive my MOD Worksheet.  How do I get it?

You can request a copy directly from NCCI’s website at

Or Call at 1-800-NCCI-123

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