Check my MOD sheet in only 3 steps

So you want to check your MOD Sheet?  Good for you!  You should!

How to quickly check your NCCI Experience MOD Worksheet for accuracy.

Assuming you know the basics of reading your MOD Sheet, if you don’t, please check out MOD Sheet 101, you understand the basic data that goes into the calculation.

You can quickly glance over your experience MOD worksheet and come up with an idea on how accurate it is in just ten minutes.

  1. Glance at the classcodes and payrolls.  Does anything jump out at you?  A classcode you don’t recognize, a year with lower than payrolls that what you’d expect?
  2. Check the claims section. Do you see any losses that look too large or don’t recognize at all?  Is there a small claim that isn’t an injury code 6 for this in ERA states?
  3. Do you have all of the years reported?  How about wrap ups or Owner Controlled Insurance Programs?

A quick check of these three items and you’ll know if you more detail is needed!  You’re still encouraged to talk to your agent or consultant to verify the data and calculation, but this quick check highlights the most commonly found errors in the experience rating!


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